First Day of Pre-K and 2nd Grade

It’s time to go back to school! I’m sitting here wondering where the summer went, it seems like it just started and it’s already mid-September.  Braden is in 2nd Grade and Kenz is in Pre-K this year.  It’s kind of bittersweet – this is our last “first day” at the school the kids have been at since they were infants.  Next year they’ll both be in elementary school.

I feel like I should be super sad about that, but to be honest, I’m super excited about dropping the daycare school payment, so I’m actually looking forward to it.  We’ll miss everyone there, but we’ve got a year left.. so no sad feelings yet!

Since I’m playing catch-up, the kids have been in school for about a month now.  Braden really loves his teacher.  He’s learned a lot in just the first few weeks and is thriving.  He’s blowing through chapter books now and amazes me with the things he’s learning and doing.

Kenz is starting to learn sight words and how to write her name.  I was shocked last night when she was drawing and wrote “Macke” all on her own!  She’s getting there.. I kind of feel bad now for giving her such a long name to learn!

Hopefully the kids remain happy and loving their teachers.  We’ve had a few rough drop-off’s with Kenz, but I’m hoping it’s just adjusting to a new classroom and a new teacher.  Fingers crossed that its smooth sailing from here on out!

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