Mackenzie is FOUR!

I feel like I should have written this closer to Mackenzie’s birthday (at the end of July), when all of those “oh my gosh, my sweet baby girl is growing up so fast” emotions were going crazy.  They’re still there, but I’m past feeling the tears coming on when I think about it or talk about it.  It is so surreal to me that I’m the mother at all, and to have these two walking, talking, opinionated, maniacs in my house (they are so much like their father, ha!) – it blows my mind!

So anyway, back to Mackenzie’s big day!  She started her day off with a room full of balloons!  We made sure to get the big balloons this time so that we didn’t have a sad balloon situation like we did on Braden’s birthday.

After getting Braden up and ready for school, we told Mackenzie that it was her day and she could choose whatever she wanted to do.  I’m not sure that she fully understood that yet.  Well, maybe she did, she asked to go to Disney World.  We had to tell her our season passes aren’t good again until August, so it was more like anything close-ish to home.  She decided to start with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.

After eating her weight in donuts and munchkins (donut holes, not real munchkins), she decided our next stop was Toys ‘r Us.  As we walked in, the front desk staff noticed her tiara and wished her a happy birthday and gave her a balloon.  She was smiling SO big, it was adorable.  We told her she could pick out ONE thing.

Disney World and BMW.. we’re going to go broke with this one!  We told her one thing within reason, thinking she’d want a baby doll or Barbie or something smallish.  Clearly we were delusional, because she decided she needed a new bike.  I really tried to steer her toward the purple one behind her with the banana seat and wicker basket – it reminds me of my bike when I was little.  She wanted Tinkerbell though, so she got Tinkerbell.

She also decided she needed a Tinkerbell helmet to match it, since she said her hand-me-down Harley Davidson helmet from Braden didn’t match.  You can’t argue with that logic.

Next up, we headed to Jump Zone (or Jumperz?  They changed the name, I don’t remember which it is now).  She jumped, slid, giggled, played arcade games, and basically just did whatever she wanted.

A little after lunch time, she finally decided she’d had enough and said “I know, let’s go to the coffee shop for lunch!”  You definitely can’t argue with that.  Side Note – if you’re in Jax, you need to go to Urban Bean.  Their food is so, so good!  The coffee is delicious too!

Kenz wanted yogurt, a chocolate chip cookie, the fruit & cheese tray, and a drink with strawberries in it. I think she ate maybe a quarter of what she ordered.

In the car after lunch, I mentioned to Adam that I wanted to get some new flowers to plant in the back yard.  Kenz loves wandering around the nursery, so she wanted to go there next.  I let her pick out the flowers – lets hope I don’t kill these!  (They’re still alive today, almost two months later, though the yellow ones are not doing so great.)

We took the plants home and Kenz and I potted them, then it was nearly dinner time.  She decided that she wanted to go to “The Fire House”, aka the local Japanese steakhouse.  The kids call it the fire house because of the big fire when the chef is cooking.  We often confuse it with Firehouse, which is a sub place.

After dinner, it was back to the house for a super-duper chocolately cake with FOUR candles!  That cake was amazing – thank you Publix!

Kenz loves taking pictures of herself on my phone – I should really share some of them, they are HILARIOUS sometimes!  We were taking pictures after we finished cake and ice cream and Buddy decided he wanted in on the action too.  Such goofballs  .

Happy Birthday to the most amazing little girl ever! You keep us on our toes and definitely keep us laughing.  We never know what is going to come out of your mouth next.  You have such a kind heart and love everyone so much, but mostly your big brother, even when he’s not being so nice.  I’m so very blessed to be your mommy and love you so, so much, my Kenzie Bear.

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