Mackenzie’s 1st Hair Cut

I have this thing with my kids, I don’t want to be a controlling mom. I want to teach them to think for themselves, to make decisions on their own. I want them to learn that their decisions and actions have consequences. I want them to grow up to be adults that can gather information about a situation, assess it all, and decide on the right course of action.

Well let me just tell you, that backfired in a big way.  Holy cow.  Also, before I go any further, I probably should tell you that I am absolutely overreacting.

For the last few years, Adam has bugged me about cutting Mackenzie’s hair.  He LOVES short hair on girls.  I pretty much told him to zip it and that until it starts to look scraggly or she asks to have it cut, we weren’t cutting it.  I adore long hair on little girls!

Then I made the epic mistake of cutting my hair a few months ago. All I have heard since then is “Mommy, can I please cut my hair like yours?” I love that she wants to be like me, I think it is super sweet, but I love her long hair!

I convinced her to wait until after her Rapunzel birthday party.  I told her we needed her to have long hair for Rapunzel to braid. I secretly hoped that she would forget about it.  I should have known better.

The very next day, she asked me if we could go visit Mrs. Rebecka so that she could get her hair cut like mine. Thankfully, the hair salon was closed on Sunday and Monday.. so I had a few days to try to change her mind.

Didn’t work. She kept asking and I finally gave in and realized that it is just hair.  It will grow back. It will be okay.  (I’m still convincing myself of this, just so we’re clear, ha!).

After explaining to her over and over that once it was cut, we couldn’t put it back on, and being sure that she understood, I told her she could get it cut.  She was SO excited.

I tried one more time to change her mind – I made Braden an appointment for the day before and showed her how once Mrs. Rebecka cut his hair, it was gone.. we couldn’t put it back.

Her response was “I KNOW, MOM!!”  Well, okay then, Miss Sassy Pants!

When it was finally time for Kenz to go see Mrs. Rebecka, she could barely contain herself.  She went in, picked out a movie to watch, then climbed up in the chair like she’d been doing this her whole life, and not just watching her brother.

I tried to be excited and happy for her.  In Mackenzie’s little world, this was a BIG day!  She was so excited, it was hard not to be excited for her.

After Rebecka cut the pony tail off, I was okay.  Her hair is still adorable, but I really miss those little curls at the end.  Those won’t grow back and that makes me a little sad.  She looks so much older now.  That makes me sad too.

After her hair cut, we went to lunch, then Kenz and I went home to take a nap.  Who knew a simple thing like a hair cut would be such an emotional experience (for me!!).

Now, a little over a month later, Kenz still LOVES her hair.  It is a lot easier to take care.  Washing it is so much easier.  Brushing it is not such an ordeal either (her hair tangles very easily and she has a sensitive head).  I still don’t love it, but I love that she loves it.

This was later in the day at a Food Truck Rally.  Once I got her home and brushed it, blow dried it, and pulled it up, it wasn’t such a big shock.  She’s still my gorgeous girl <3

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