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We’re going to play another game of catch up. I get so behind on these posts but my OCD tendencies won’t let me skip them, and I really want to write a recap of the race I did earlier this month, so today we’re playing catch up. Lots of pictures of what we did in September and October and maybe, hopefully, I won’t get behind again. I wouldn’t hold your breath though 😉

First things first, there is a really great race coming up this Saturday night at 5:30PM and registration closes SOON, the Ultimate Racing Fall Frolic 5K! I’m thinking about signing the kids up for the Kids Races this time and I’m super excited, I’ve heard great things about their kids races!

Now, on to the pictures!  Lots of pictures, just a few words.  Kenz got a new big girl bed!  I have lots of ideas for things to do in her room and can’t wait to find the time to do it all!

Both kids are playing soccer.  Braden loves it and is doing well.  Mackenzie.. well, she sometimes decides to play but most of the time sits out socializing with her teammates.  She says she doesn’t want to play, but I hate to have her quit the team.. but she’s 4.  Her last game is next week so hopefully she will stick it out.

I’ve been doing lots and lots of group runs, which require me to get up at 4:30AM on Saturday mornings.  I love having a group to run with.  Hopefully this helps me see some improvement in my marathon time 🙂

I’ve been seeing lots of these ladies too!  Kids birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girls dinners!  It makes me happy 🙂

Cub Scouts started back up again.  Adam is the Cubmaster this year and started the year off with a lesson on honesty involving ice cream and salt. The boys faces were hilarious!

Kenz’s social calendar has been full, but she squeezed in some mommy time and we had a lunch date at our favorite Mexican restaurant before her friends birthday party.

We’ve been to a lot of birthday parties lately..

And Kenz has re-discovered bubble baths.  I need to make more time for these!

I spent Labor Day weekend in Orlando with some of my girlfriends celebrating this girl!  We had SO MUCH FUN!

She’s getting married next week in the Keys and I can’t wait!!

Braden lost another tooth.. oh, and both kids had check-ups with their dentist too.

We went to yet another birthday party.  This one was at Sweet Pete’s, a candy factory in downtown Jacksonville.  It was so cute and the kids loved making chocolate pizzas.

We spent a Sunday afternoon at the playground, where we were serenaded by my high school cheerleading coach.  His band was singing on the stage in the background and I recognized his voice as soon as he started singing.

We have had ice cream dates with friends from school.  And I’m realizing that Braden REALLY does not like having his picture taken!

We spent last weekend at Disney World. We debated renewing our annual passes, but after this weekend, there’s no more debate. We are definitely renewing.  We had a wonderful time.

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