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Mackenzie’s Tangled Birthday Party

These days, I see so many articles about the “Pinterest Moms” and how too much is spent on birthday parties. These articles argue that “going overboard” teaches kids to have such high expectations for everything and how it is doing such a huge disservice to them. I’ve read how it’s more for the parents than it is for the kids, how doing anything more than slapping a “Happy Birthday” banner on the wall and ordering pizza is just showing off and some sort of status symbol, how it isn’t about the kids. You know what I say to that? Whatever! 🙂 READ MORE

Mackenzie is FOUR!

I feel like I should have written this closer to Mackenzie’s birthday (at the end of July), when all of those “oh my gosh, my sweet baby girl is growing up so fast” emotions were going crazy.  They’re still there, but I’m past feeling the tears coming on when I think about it or talk about it.  It is so surreal to me that I’m the mother at all, and to have these two walking, talking, opinionated, maniacs in my house (they are so much like their father, ha!) – it blows my mind! READ MORE

Braden’s 7th Birthday Party

Braden, being the sweet boy that he is, made his birthday party planning incredibly easy on me this year.  He loved his Pokemon party last year so much, that he wanted to do the same thing over again.  I eventually convinced him to at least pick a different theme, so he decided on Skylanders.  He wanted everything else exactly the same though.  Easy peasy!

Braden is SEVEN!

I have this thing about birthdays – I think that for kids, they should be a big deal. We should go out of our way to make them feel so special and so loved on their big day. Thankfully both of my kids have summer birthdays so we don’t have to worry about going to school on their big day (what fun is that?!). I take the day off of work (Adam tries to, if his work schedule allows it) and we let the kids decide what they want to do, all day long. They decide where we go, what we do, what we eat, etc. They love it! READ MORE

We’re Still Alive!

Well hello there strangers!  It’s been a while.  Things have been busy around here and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write.  I’m going to try to catch y’all up on the big things that have been going on now so this may be a little long.  I promise lots of pictures and not too much yacking from me though!  Ready? READ MORE

Mackenzie’s 3rd Birthday Party at MyGym

First, please forgive me if this post is a disjointed mess — I’m sitting in a Pokemon club with Braden and 10 other little boys.  It’s seriously hilarious how seriously they take their Pokemon cards, particularly since none of them seem to have any clue what is going on and the rules keep changing depending on.. I have no clue. READ MORE

Mackenzie is Three!

I know I say this a lot, but I’m not sure how this happened. My sweet baby girl is growing up way too fast. Mackenzie is three and I feel like she should still be itty-bitty and all snuggled up in my lap.  Thankfully, she still loves to snuggle. I’ll be one sad mama the day my babies decide they’re too old to snuggle with me. READ MORE

Braden’s Pokemon Party!

We celebrated Braden’s sixth birthday at home with a Pokemon Party!  Thanks to Netflix, he’s really into Pokemon.  Apparently though, Pokemon isn’t a big thing anymore?  Trying to find decorations and other party supplies to go with the theme was a bit difficult. I ended up ordering the invitations, cupcake toppers, and thank you bag toppers on Etsy.  Seriously, thank goodness for the crafty people on Etsy because without them, this would have been a not-quite-Pokemon party! READ MORE

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