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Meeting Baby Samuel

I’m going to go ahead and warn you – this post has some really adorable baby pictures.  Like, ridiculously tiny and cute and.. well, it may just make your ovaries ache.  Adam and I decided three years ago that we were not having any more babies, but this little guy is just so sweet and snuggly and it really had me thinking that maybe we should just have one more.  After how the rest of the weekend went though, I was cured.. mostly. READ MORE

2014 Bainbridge Half Marathon

Every time I start to write a race recap, I want to say it’s one of my favorite races. I feel like I say that about all of the races.. perhaps I just like to run races? Who knows. Last year, I went into pretty great detail about the Bainbridge Half Marathon so I’ll spare you this year. If you’re not familiar with it though and you’re anywhere near South West Georgia, you may want to check it out. I posted lots of pictures of the course last year and it’s really pretty.  Adam was running the half this year too, along with my cousins Drew and Celia.  Technically I guess Celia is my cousin-in-law.  She’s married to my cousin Daryl, but I like her so I claim her as my own 🙂 READ MORE

Baby Hudson is coming!

My cousin Drew and his wife Amanda are expecting their first baby, Hudson Gregory! We are absolutely thrilled for them and cannot wait to meet this little guy! My family hosted a shower for little Hudson today in Bainbridge. Daryl and Celia were kind enough to let us use their new home. It’s seriously gorgeous and was Celia’s grandmothers house. It’s in the historic part of Downtown Bainbridge and is just amazing. READ MORE

The Dunn’s Visit: Zoo, Bowling, and Emma Ryan

My Uncle Todd, Aunt Teresa, cousins Malori and Mattie, and the little girl Malori nannies for, Emma Ryan came to spend the weekend with us. I don’t know what got into me. I guess because we don’t usually have little visitors, it’s usually my aunts and older cousins and we just want to shop.. but I decided we needed to keep the little ones busy so that Emma Ryan could tell her mom and dad all about how much fun she had visiting us! We started out at the Jacksonville Zoo, one of our favorite places. It was Mackenzie’s first visit.. I think she enjoyed it. READ MORE

Merry Christmas.. I mean, Happy New Year!

We celebrate Christmas with my moms side of the family every year the Sunday following Christmas. It’s something we’ve always done, since her parents were divorced, my papa wanted his girls to be with their mom on Christmas Day so she wasn’t alone. She passed a few years ago, but we’ve stuck with the schedule because with the craziness of the holidays.. sometimes waiting a week is the only way to get us all together. And there are a LOT of us. READ MORE

Walking for Aunt Threasa

My Aunt Threasa was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Thankfully they caught it early and removed the cancerous cells and she doesn’t need any chemo or radiation. We are all very, very thankful. She is a wonderful aunt and we need her to stick around for quite a while longer. In her honor, my family got together to do a breast cancer awareness walk in Thomasville. READ MORE

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