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2015 Marine Corps Half Marathon

For as long as I’ve been a runner, I’ve been told that the one race you want to avoid running in Jax is the Marine Corps Half. Not just from one person, but from nearly every single person I know that has run it in the past.  The main complaints are the terrible weather (it’s hot and humid!) and that the end of the course is brutal.  You run up a pedestrian bridge, over the rail road tracks, then have to run down a spiral ramp.  Then you run, in full sun, along the river.  That part sounds nice, but not when it’s 85 degrees in full sun! READ MORE

Random Happenings

We’re going to play another game of catch up. I get so behind on these posts but my OCD tendencies won’t let me skip them, and I really want to write a recap of the race I did earlier this month, so today we’re playing catch up. Lots of pictures of what we did in September and October and maybe, hopefully, I won’t get behind again. I wouldn’t hold your breath though 😉 READ MORE

No More Excuses

It seems I fell off of the blogging wagon again!  I seriously have a good excuse this time.  Well, sort of.  See, what happened was my cell phone got run over by a tram at Disney World.  I know, that was a few months ago, but I promise it caused this blogging hiatus!  After hanging on for a few months, my phone finally died.  Like would not turn on.  Totally dead. READ MORE

What I’m Up To

Hey strangers, long time no chat! I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve written here until I sat down to do it.. and realized that my Memorial Day post was sitting as a draft that I never finished.. oops! To say we’ve been busy would be a serious understatement, but it’s mostly been fun stuff so I can’t complain. Instead of jumping into talking about what I’ve been up to, I wanted to update y’all on my running plans.. because they’re BIG! READ MORE

2015 Wine & Chocolate 5K

Unlike the race itself, my recap of the Wine & Chocolate 5K is going to be a quickie! Mostly because it was like a month ago and I don’t really remember many details, but also because I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in and the back log of posts I have to write is starting to make me anxious. READ MORE

2015 Run Rabbit Run 5K

Because we didn’t have enough crammed into the already busy Easter weekend, Adam and I decided to do the Run Rabbit Run 5K with some of our friends. I heard so many good things about the race last year, so I was eager to sign up. The course starts at the entrance to Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club and you run along the neighborhood streets. It wasn’t at all congested and the scenery is gorgeous (especially if you’re like me and love looking at big, beautiful houses!). READ MORE

Running Lately

I’m going to go ahead and point out the obvious.  Earlier this week, I said I wanted to post more about family life and less about running.  And yet, here I am, with a second post about running this week.  Typical!  This is a good one though, I promise!  (Maybe I shouldn’t promise, but it was therapeutic to write, so hopefully it’s “good”!) READ MORE

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