Welcome!  We are SO thrilled that you have taken the first step towards making your health and wellness a priority!  You are worth the investment and we cannot tell you how happy we are to have the privilege of guiding you on your wellness journey!

Tell us.. does this sound familiar?

You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and lack energy. You want to get stronger, leaner and more fit. You want to lose the fat around your midsection. You want to sleep better. You want to feel less bloated. You’re trying to balance it all — family, friends, church, work.  You’re doing your best to eat clean.  Maybe you’re even crushing it in the gym (or maybe not).  Perhaps you’re running ALL. THE. MILES. or doing everything you can to try to live a healthy lifestyle.  But it’s not working.

What gives?!

If you are ready for a change and are willing to do what it takes to finally get some results, we am here for you! The FASTer Way to Fat Loss®  is the perfect solution.  This program has all the tools  you need to burn fat, increase energy, improve sleep, mood and digestion, and feel stronger and leaner than you’ve ever felt before.  And even better, it’s completely sustainable and once you get the hang of it, pretty effortless as well.

We want to teach you how you how to finally get the results you’ve been looking for.  Let us make take the guess work away and make this simple and doable for you. Let us help you reach your goals, once and for all.

We want you to look in the mirror and feel strong and confident.  We want you to feel strong and beautiful, so you can then be a role model for others, especially the little ones in your life.  We want them to grow up with an amazing example of what a happy and healthy life looks like.  We want you to be that example.


Jeanna & Kristin